Week 14 — Women’s Rights

Part I — Women are put at risk

Discrimination among women a withholding of their rights within all countries stems from systemic and institutional misogyny and sexism. Two of the most detrimental effects of gender inequality are not being able to go to school, and not having the proper medical treatment.

In most African countries girls are allowed to go to school, but young women still face obstacles in getting there. Almost always if there is only enough money to send one child to school, a family will send their son instead of their daughter. This shows young girls that they are not worth as much as their brothers.

In her article Why Are So Many Women Dying from Ebola?, Lauren Wolfe discusses how cultural norms between men and women led to more women getting sick and dying. In most African societies, women are the caretakers. That is one of their main roles in the household. Rarely will men ever take care of women when they are ill. Therefore more women are exposed to the ebola virus.

Part II — Economic opportunities

When women are given the opportunity to recognize their full economic potential, it affects their entire community. The women in the community shown above worked together to invest in each others businesses and in new businesses. It also increases the development of the community. One of the women from the video was able to provide a well for her business, but it also became a well used by the surrounding neighbors.

Women are less likely to experience extreme poverty because they are financially independent and they don’t have to rely on any men to survive.

Women are only half of the population. There are so many more opportunities for development on a much larger scale when they are able to be financially independent and contribute to their communities, villages, cities, etc.


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